Joy In K-pop – A Monster Thread

This started with a Twitter thread about joy in music – I promised to provide some references in K-pop, then things went pear-shaped and it dropped off my radar.

So now I’m starting the year anew and all that. I’ll try to keep within the theme of joy, rather than just music I like, because there’s a whole universe of K-pop and I could wiffle non-stop for months.

Note: Yes, I’ll call them boys. I’m from the Paleozoic era, so everything younger than a trilobite is a junior to me (you dimetrodons get offa my lawn). And if you’re wondering at the references, it’s because this thread is turning into something resembling Godzilla.

And now, to business…

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Joy In K-pop – Part 2

See Part 1 of this post here:

But wait, there’s more – yes, once I’ve gone through all the music that gives me joy, there’s some honorable mentions. Music that I like or love, but that’s not necessarily joyous. So here goes…

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B1A4 – Beautiful Target

This is like a puppy video – the boys are happy, and goofy, and just watching them makes the world a nicer place. Pair that with a boppy, poppy, upbeat song with catchy Konglish chorus, and a nonsensical MV that lets them play-act to their hearts’ content, and you’ve got a real winner.

But just when you think it’s all fun and games, Sandeul opens his mouth. And keeps opening it – man damn near dislocates his jaw like a snake. And from that teddy bear face with the snake jaw comes the voice of an angel. And that voice Just. Does. Not. Stop. It gives the same sense of shock as opening your laundry basket to find it full of gold bars.

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Sandeul – Smile Box

Sandeul excels at many things, and with this song, he’s the Maestro of Mellow. If you can resist the urge to dance around your house/office/street singing “Bababa” then you’re a better person than I.

He’s rolling out his smoothest, sweetest, vocals here, with an absolute minimum of instrumental backing, letting that glorious voice shine.

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Still Not Dead…

Absolutely, definitely, completely not zombies. I guarantee it.

Sorry about the extended hiatus – life has gone a bit pear-shaped.

Service will be resumed as soon as we’re sure what is normal anyway (h/t Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy).

I’ll be back once I’ve dealt with some zombies.

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Onew – Nessun Dorma

Random person: K-pop singers are just pretty faces, they can’t really sing.

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TV Review – Something In The Rain

Co-posted at Heroic Cinema

TV drama – 16 episodes

This is the hair shirt and barbed wire pants of K-drama – if you can get through all 16 episodes, you’re a better person than me.

The first kazoo in the dramatic symphony comes early on, when our heroine, after being cruelly dumped by her boyfriend, says plaintively “Am I so unattractive?” I’m sorry sister, but no amount of baggy clothing can convince us that you don’t have men lined up to win your favours. Either the casting director or the scriptwriter or both needed a good talking to, and perhaps a good slap, in order to win back their lost credibility.

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B1A4 – Lonely

Most Beautiful Songwriter On The Planet demonstrates the fine art of levitation, as the boys try not to freeze their bits off while filming outdoors in a Korean winter.

If talents were apportioned fairly, Jinyoung would just be a pretty face, but alas, that’s not the case – he also wrote and produced this song. I take some comfort from the fact that his fellow members nicknamed him Halbae (Grandpa) because they thought he danced like a grandpa and because he could be quite clumsy (examples to come, gentle readers).

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Siusin And Heechul

Siusin is bored with X-Men, and is now fascinated with K-pop. Maybe it’s the faces, maybe it’s the voices. Maybe she’s just humouring me to ensure an ongoing supply of tuna. Who knows, but it does play merry hell with my viewing.

She seems to have a fondness for Heechul, particularly singing Hanryang, although he doesn’t always return the favour…

Telly, telly, on the wall,
Who’s the prettiest one of all?
Heechul, man, stop crowding me. It’s not cool.
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Ryeowook’s Hair and Shrieking At Siwon

This hair – I haz it
See after the jump for the significance of this…
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