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Fox music

Because it’s time for a musical interlude after all that ranting about movies (like the worst vampire movie ever madeĀ and the latest vampire movie, which is still a bit crap), I’m shamelessly nicking a post from a blog I wrote … Continue reading

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Worst vampire movie ever made? *

If you put all the horror stories of the past few hundred years through a shredder, then gave the remains to a 12-year-old comic nerd to write and direct, the result is the execrable Van Helsing. I could live with … Continue reading

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Fairy floss hair

Fairy floss hair. I haz it. ***EndĀ transmission***

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Vlad the impala **

I’ve just sat through the interminable Hollywood crap-pic Dracula Untold – if only it had been untold, I’d be a lot less cranky right now. Or at least if someone had given the scriptwriters a good slap upside the head … Continue reading

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Shoes and ships and sealing wax

I once used the phrase “shoes and ships and sealing wax” in an administrative form for a past boss – I used it as a place-holder, with a note to suggest replacing it with information that I didn’t have. Alas, … Continue reading

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