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My life on Heroic Cinema

I used to be funny, you know (eerily reminiscent of “I could have been a contender”). I’ve just found myself wiffling on interminably on another blog (Jordan and Eddie) about a  few of my favourite Asian films, and then spent … Continue reading

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Hollywood remakes of Asian films are bollocks

I refuse to even look at the cover of the remake of Old Boy, at least partly because I made the mistake of watching the Hollywood version of Ring. The original Korean Old Boy (trailer here, although it’s not great) is … Continue reading

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Chocolate, red wine, and nicotine patches

It’s party time! Day 1 of my attempt to quit smoking sees all my drugs of choice lined up – chocolate, red wine, and a swag of nicotine patches. Plus, of course, Robin Hood series 3, with the incomparable Richard … Continue reading

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Bad habits and brains

I’ve got so many bad habits they virtually have to queue up for my attention. But bad habits don’t mean you’re a bad person. Bad habits, and good habits too, form in response to neurochemistry: we do things that make … Continue reading

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