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CNU/Sandeul – Oblique Line

This is a ‘smoky jazz club at 3:00 am’ sort of song, haunting and beautiful. Written by CNU (pronounced Shin-woo), who gave it to Sandeul for his solo album when he asked nicely (see what politeness gets you, kids?). CNU … Continue reading

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DinDin – DinDin Is DinDin (feat. Hanhae, Greg)

DinDin is a chameleonic life form whose musical output covers just about everything except opera and gregorian chant, and this is DinDin at his karaoke club rapper, irresistibly funky, best. If you’re not tapping your toes within ten seconds, check … Continue reading

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B1A4 – Water Drop

This has to be the most chill zombie apocalypse in history. The song, written by Sandeul the leek-beater (not a euphemism), is a mellow tune, about being a drop of dew in the mountains. The original video finds the boys … Continue reading

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Don’t Make Me Bring The Leeks…

Anyone: Hey, SJA, wotcher been up to? Me: I’ve been getting into K-pop. It’s fascinating. Anyone: K-pop? Isn’t that all just – Me:

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Man Goes To Space In Oddly Shaped Rocket

Jeff Bezos goes into space (a bit) feeling very special indeed. Returns 10 minutes later to find the entire internet is laughing at him. According to Distractify, this joke cost $5.5 billion. Bezos said “We have lots of problems here … Continue reading

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Saying Sorry

Dear Prime Minister, I’ve noticed you’re having trouble saying a certain word, and I have an idea. These guys became international megastars by saying “Sorry, Sorry”, so why don’t you try it their way? Just get the cabinet together and … Continue reading

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Super Junior – House Party

What better way to kick off lockdown than a COVID health advisory you can dance to? And with not one, but 3 music videos, including 2 of the boys in their jammies – the fun never stops even during a … Continue reading

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Ukulele Death Squad – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

Episode 2 of the Ukulele Death Squad extravaganza is a great cover of Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), that old Nancy Sinatra classic, recorded live in a barber shop – great ambience.

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Ukulele Death Squad – Not Afraid

These guys are absolute legends. We’ve seen them at the Adelaide Fringe Festival a couple of times, and they damn near blew the doors off – if you don’t believe it’s possible to rock a complete show with 3 ukuleles … Continue reading

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Macbeth Weather

It’s Macbeth weather all over the world at the moment: Blow, wind! Come, wrack! At least we’ll die with harness on our back. Macbeth, scene 5, act 5 Dear world: let’s not follow Macbeth down the spout. Please? Love and … Continue reading

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