My life on Heroic Cinema

Francis Ng Chun Yu, from Hong Kong
Francis Ng Chun Yu (Hong Kong)

I used to be funny, you know (eerily reminiscent of “I could have been a contender”).

I’ve just found myself wiffling on interminably on another blog (Jordan and Eddie) about a  few of my favourite Asian films, and then spent the next while going back through my past reviews on the mighty Heroic Cinema.

Here are some of my favourite films:

Jang Dong Gun (Korea)
Jang Dong Gun (Korea)
  • The Bride With White Hair (Hong Kong)
  • Nowhere To Hide (Korea)
  • Welcome to Dongmakgol (Korea)
  • Hana-Bi (Japan)
  • Ichi The Killer (Japan)
  • Infernal Affairs (Hong Kong)
  • Some (Korea)
  • Otakus In Love (Japan)
  • 9 Souls (Japan)
  • Crying Fist (Korea)
  • A Chinese Ghost Story (Hong Kong)
  • Gagamboy (Philippines)
  • Kikujiro (Japan)
  • Matsuda Ryuhei (Japan)
    Matsuda Ryuhei (Japan)

    There are also some films that aren’t great, but are worth reading the review and watching if you dare – check out Tetsuo for just one of these. If you’re interested, here’s a link to my past reviews: There’s about 23 pages of ’em, so pace yourselves. What’s more, some of them made me want to watch the films again – nice, considering I’ve been abstaining for quite a few years, for reasons that are too boring to go into.

    Who knows, I might even get back into it one day, although the few Asian films I’ve watched recently haven’t inspired me much. But then, the glory days of the past are always better than the present, aren’t they?

    And I’m rather busy watching my Richard Armitage collection for the thousandth time…

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