Saying Sorry

Dear Prime Minister, I’ve noticed you’re having trouble saying a certain word, and I have an idea. These guys became international megastars by saying “Sorry, Sorry”, so why don’t you try it their way? Just get the cabinet together and practice your dance moves. Can’t be worse than your current strategy.

I know people won’t understand what you’re saying, apart from the “Sorry, Sorry” part, but hey, you’d be used to that, right? And if you can dance like these guys, no-one will care what you’re saying.

So if you and the cabinet want to practice, I’ve included the lyrics below. There’s the romanisation (Korean syllables) so you can sing along, the English translation so you know you’re not singing naughty things, and the hangul (Korean characters) just in case you want to write it down.

I look forward to seeing the Federal cabinet performing this soon.

Sorry, Sorry lyrics – translations by Hyukshi
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