Taemin – Move

Be honest – nobody watches Taemin’s music videos for the biting social commentary, do they?

I love the way he starts the video wearing a t shirt with the slogan “Take a small bite” – sorry, mate, but I’m not going near that comment, not for a big clock.

This is Taemin doing what Taemin does best, which is dance like he’s being poured into his skin. “Cat-like grace” is an appropriate descriptor here. Lithe, fluid, sinuous, and sensual, are also adjectives that spring to mind when watching Taemin’s performances – the man actually slinks, which is not something most non-felines can accomplish. Add in the solarisation, and he appears to be slipping between planes of reality, which is not something most humans can accomplish, or at least none of my acquaintance – YMMV.

He’s a good singer, but where he excels is the dancing – Shinee are known for their choreographies, and he’s been outstanding since their debut in 2008. As I might (or might not) have mentioned, choreographies are pretty important in a lot of K-pop, so wherever possible/relevant I’ll try to find the dance practice video for a song – luckily we’ve got one for this, and it’s a good one.

The song itself is low key and rhythmic, with intrumentation basically just a beat to support his singing – if the Pied Piper forgot his pipe and had to sing to lure people out of their homes, this is what it would sound like.

So, we’ve got MV, dance practice video, and lyrics video (Hangul, Romanisation, and English translation): lyrics are quite seductive, again fairly typical for Taemin. So just watch the MV, or knock yourselves out and watch all three.

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