Taemin – Advice

Not many artists would be brave enough to finish their music video posing like a paint-splashed Christ, but you can always count on Taemin to go the extra mile.

The fact that he spends a portion of the MV wearing an upmarket gimp mask is a trifle unusual, but hey, his hobbies aren’t my business. The tartan outfit might be taking it a tad too far, but again, man’s got a right to do what he chooses in the privacy of his own, ah, music video. Yah, I see where that went wrong.

Musically, it’s slow but with a compelling beat and a fairly complex underlying melody, and is somehow the kind of song that you find yourself humming several days later without realising that you’d even heard it. The melody is wrapped around the piano, also played by Taemin, whose skills clearly extend beyond just being a demon dancer.

It’s a little shocking to realise that, when he released this, Taemin had been performing for fully half his life. This was released in 2021 when he was 28, and he debuted with Shinee when he was 14 (yes, kids, 14). So, 14 years spent in the entertainment industry – and then he went off to enlist for his mandatory military service. Being a K-pop idol is not necessarily what you imagined, is it?

Given that this is Taemin, you will absolutely want to watch the dance practice video – since even Taemin’s backup dancers could dance the pants off most other idol groups, Taemin himself could dance every item of clothing off a substantial percentage of the population. It would be a pants-off of massive proportions. In short – the dancing is great, so watch it if you like great dancing.

Lyrics – Taemin tends to the dark and brooding with his lyrics, and his songs often deal with topics like obsession, lust, and other non-poppy issues, so watch this if you dare. You know the deal by now – English translation, Romanisation, Hangul.

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