Sandeul – Smile Box

Sandeul excels at many things, and with this song, he’s the Maestro of Mellow. If you can resist the urge to dance around your house/office/street singing “Bababa” then you’re a better person than I.

He’s rolling out his smoothest, sweetest, vocals here, with an absolute minimum of instrumental backing, letting that glorious voice shine.

Even the lyrics are gently positive, although it’s a little disconcerting to go through the entire MV with Sandeul’s head in a box. On reflection, though, it’s quite appropriate, since Sandeul is known for hiding his emotions behind a smile, and smiling instead of crying (or even while he’s crying, on a few memorable occasions).

This isn’t a song that you’ll immediately fall in love with, like What’s Happening or Ring Ding Dong, but it’s one that you’ll find yourself humming, and smiling while you do so. It’s sweet, and gentle, and just plain nice.

Just like Sandeul, really.

Lyrics provided with Hangul, Romanisation, and English translation.

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