TV Review – You Are Beautiful

Co-posted at Heroic Cinema

2009 – 16 episodes

Everyone involved in this debacle should cower under the Doona of Shame for all eternity. I’m even embarrassed to say I watched it.

What a complete dogs’ breakfast – the script was woeful, frequently relying on the execrable tactic of character soliloquies to reveal important plot points & describe feelings, saving all that tedious acting nonsense you might see in other K-drama.

Maybe this was because the acting was so cringe-inducing that even my cat left the room – watching Park Shin-hye totter about like a wide-eyed wind-up toy must have offended her beyond all reason.

And yes, I know much of the fault must be laid at the feet of the writers & director, and I can only imagine the directions: “Shin-hye-ssi, your character’s a gormless idiot who can’t manage a few steps. Keun-suk-ssi, just scowl a lot. Don’t try to act, whatever you do. Yong-hwa-ssi, just look slightly wistful. And handsome. Shouldn’t be a challenge. Hong-gi-ssi, we need constant puppy dog energy from you, okay? Hell, just be yourself, that’s why you were cast.”

The only possible reason to watch this is if you stan one of the cast, although neither Lee Hong-gi from FT Island nor Jung Yong-hwa from CN Blue cover themselves in glory, and Jang Keun-suk as male lead was more wooden than my coffee table.

No OST this time, because the damn thing was so annoying I didn’t want to dignify it with any music.

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