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Don’t Make Me Bring The Leeks…

Anyone: Hey, SJA, wotcher been up to? Me: I’ve been getting into K-pop. It’s fascinating. Anyone: K-pop? Isn’t that all just – Me:

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Man Goes To Space In Oddly Shaped Rocket

Jeff Bezos goes into space (a bit) feeling very special indeed. Returns 10 minutes later to find the entire internet is laughing at him. According to Distractify, this joke cost $5.5 billion. Bezos said “We have lots of problems here … Continue reading

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“Music These Days…”

Call me Ms Crankypants (yes, okay, that’s enough now), but I’m a bit over all the supercilious complaints about how ‘music these days is all crap’. I get it – you love the music you grew up with. We’ve all … Continue reading

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Shoes and ships and sealing wax

I once used the phrase “shoes and ships and sealing wax” in an administrative form for a past boss – I used it as a place-holder, with a note to suggest replacing it with information that I didn’t have. Alas, … Continue reading

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