Don’t Make Me Bring The Leeks…

Anyone: Hey, SJA, wotcher been up to?

Me: I’ve been getting into K-pop. It’s fascinating.

Anyone: K-pop? Isn’t that all just –


No, K-pop is not ‘just’. So far I’ve found EDM, R&B, jazz/blues, rap/hip hop, trap, Latin fusion, and ballads, in addition to the more commonly known fast pop.

As a character in the great British TV series Uncle said, “The Beatles were a boy band. The Sex Pistols were a manufactured pop group. All music is just chords and lyrics”.

Now I see someone at the back is opening their mouth ready to say something. And while I’m fresh out of leeks, I do have a pineapple in my kitchen.

So go ahead, punk. Make my day.

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