Super Junior – House Party

What better way to kick off lockdown than a COVID health advisory you can dance to? And with not one, but 3 music videos, including 2 of the boys in their jammies – the fun never stops even during a plague, I tells ya.

Despite the bouncy dance beat, the song was actually an attempt to encourage fans in Korea and overseas to maintain COVID safety precautions. As a result, they were thanked on Twitter by WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, after fans tagged him with reference to the song.

There’s a break in the middle which diverts into a trap section, the end of which Eunhyuk signals with a helpful “Skrrt skrrt” – a reference to the synthesised high-hat cymbals which characterise trap.

Which to watch?

  • If you want English subtitles, watch the Official version;
  • If you want to see a bunch of grown men in their jammies playing silly buggers, watch the House version (my personal favourite) – seeing Yesung (wine-red hair) doing his octopus dance is worth the price of admission;
  • If you want to see the silly buggers one at a time, watch the Alone version. That way you get to focus on a scarfed-up Evil Maknae* Kyuhyun acting like a big girl’s blouse, and an insanely cheerful Eunhyuk singing horizontally behind the couch. *(the maknae is the youngest in a family – I may explain why he’s called the Evil Maknae at a later date. Or I may not)

Me, I watch all 3 of ’em, but mostly the last 2, because they’re off piste and having fun, and I prefer that – YMMV.

Addendum: Upon repeated watching, I’ve noticed something about the costumes on the rack that Yesung lurks behind. I know there are several of the blue costumes from Mamacita (yes, review to come and all that), but I think the blue suit that Kyuhyun pulls out is the one that Heechul wore in the performance MV for Devil (review also to come). Yes, yes, I know, vivid imagination and no life. What can I say – the lockdown, it burns us, precious.

Official version
House version
Alone version
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