Super Junior – Burn The Floor

The director deserves to be bathed in warm chocolate for this one, because it’s the most mesmerising MV I’ve seen. From the opening, with apparent multiple versions of Sadako from Ring crawling over a light box, to the close, with Eunhyuk plunging the stage into darkness, I don’t think I blinked once.

Burn The Floor – Performance MV

The music is semi-operatic, the choreography semi-balletic, and the costumes make you expect D’Artagnan to leap out and start waggling his rapier (hello sailor). But wait, there’s more: the real magic comes from nothing more than hand-held lights.

The effect provides more drama than a field full of llamas, and it makes the MV a perfect match for the music, and indeed the lyrics – if you watch the lyrics video (no hangul this time, just translation and Romanisation), you’ll see that the song is rather sensual and passionate, which makes a fine match for the MV.

What I find ironic is that this song is the immediate successor to House Party on the Renaissance album – so we go from bouncy public health advisory to ‘dance for me like one of your SuJu boys’ in a matter of seconds.

Burn The Floor – Lyrics
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