Heechul, Min Kyung-hoon, DinDin, BIBI, Ateez – Hanryang

Hang onto your hanbok – this collaboration brings the attitude in great big gobs, from some of the best in the biz. And nobody, but nobody, does attitude like Heechul, unless it’s BIBI, with her voice like melting chilli chocolate and her controversial image.

Universe Hipsters, comprising Heechul from Super Junior and his partner-in-crime Min Kyung-hoon, team up with DinDin and BIBI, to give us this Joseon-era hip hop triumph, written by the Hipsters themselves and produced by DinDin.

The crew give it maximum sass and swagger, including idol group Ateez, who stalk out not to sing, but to dance, with a compelling, arachnoid choreography that damn near creeps out of the screen and onto the couch.

Musically and visually, it’s interesting because it uses some traditional Korean instruments and a traditional beat, and is filmed in a Korean folk village with traditional performers, so even if you’re not interested in the music, it’s worth watching just for that. And seeing half the crew with hanbok over hoodies and track suits is kind of fun – it’s as though Heechul at least is the naughty schoolboy he pretends to be on the variety show Knowing Bros.

The MV is directed by Heechul’s Super Junior colleague Shindong, who’s also directed some of DinDin’s previous MVs, which I’ll talk about some time in the future. For now, just watch and be the hanryang (hedonist or libertine) you always wanted to be. As ever, lyrics include English translation, Romanisation, and Hangul.

Update: just found a live performance of this by Heechul, Min Kyung Hoon, and BIBI, which from the date seems to be on the day the MV was released. The audience is the regular cast and guests of the variety show Knowing Bros.

Hanryang MV
Hanryang live
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