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DinDin, Klang – Dali & Cocky Prince OST

Yes, I’m a sad git – I really did watch this series because DinDin has a song in the OST. Hey, sue me. It’s a great song, as most of DinDin’s songs are, and ideally suited for that part of … Continue reading

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DinDin – Insomnia (feat. Lee Hong Gi of FT Island)

This is mellow pastel DinDin pining, not for the fjords, but for a girl. He’s assisted in his pining by the dulcet tones of Lee Hong Gi from FT Island, who provides a calming counterpoint to DinDin’s melancholy musings.

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Joy In K-pop – Part 2

See Part 1 of this post here: But wait, there’s more – yes, once I’ve gone through all the music that gives me joy, there’s some honorable mentions. Music that I like or love, but that’s not necessarily joyous. So … Continue reading

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Joy In K-pop – A Monster Thread

This started with a Twitter thread about joy in music – I promised to provide some references in K-pop, then things went pear-shaped and it dropped off my radar. So now I’m starting the year anew and all that. I’ll … Continue reading

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Heechul, Min Kyung-hoon, DinDin, BIBI, Ateez – Hanryang

Hang onto your hanbok – this collaboration brings the attitude in great big gobs, from some of the best in the biz. And nobody, but nobody, does attitude like Heechul, unless it’s BIBI, with her voice like melting chilli chocolate … Continue reading

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DinDin – DinDin Is DinDin (feat. Hanhae, Greg)

DinDin is a chameleonic life form whose musical output covers just about everything except opera and gregorian chant, and this is DinDin at his karaoke club rapper, irresistibly funky, best. If you’re not tapping your toes within ten seconds, check … Continue reading

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