Joy In K-pop – Part 2

See Part 1 of this post here:

But wait, there’s more – yes, once I’ve gone through all the music that gives me joy, there’s some honorable mentions. Music that I like or love, but that’s not necessarily joyous. So here goes…


I’m going to start by cheating – oh, quelle surprise. Yes, there are a few songs that I love from yesterday’s groups that deserve to be mentioned, but don’t actually fit the “Joy” category. So I’m going to shoehorn them in here.

CNU/Sandeul – Oblique Line – This is simply one of the most beautiful songs I know.

Super Junior D&E – Danger – I have a guilty fondness for trap, and this song features one of SuJu’s main rappers (Eunhyuk) as well as both lead dancers (Eunhyuk & Donghae).

Super Junior D&E – Danger

SHINee – Don’t Call Me – Another trap treasure, done just after Minho completed his military service (hence the flaming red hair). Brilliant and hypnotic.

SHINee – Don’t Call Me

DinDin – Fallin’ Down (Feat. Lee Wonseok) – This is my go-to track when I need a bit of headbanging.

DinDin – Fallin’ Down (Feat. Lee Wonseok)



Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order)

Ateez – 4th generation group that, while they aren’t strictly joyful, still produce some good music. Start with their latest, Deja Vu.

Ateez – Deja Vu

I want to be BIBI if I ever grow up (yah, I know, chances are slim). A 4th generation indie singer with a beautiful voice, and not afraid to say what she thinks. Has collaborated with some legends in the industry (like Heechul from Super Junior & CNU from B1A4, among others). Very interesting. Try Life Is A Bi***

Leader G Dragon is known as one of the 4 best songwriter/producers of his generation, and this rap/hip hop group are legendary. Start with Fantastic Baby.

BigBang – Fantastic Baby

Another legendary 2nd generation group that creates excellent R&B. Start with their recent hit Outsider.

BtoB – Outsider

A pop/rock group who debuted in 2009, making them 2nd generation, these guys are also legendary. Unusual in that they don’t dance and do play their own instruments on stage – many other artists play instruments, it’s just that they rarely do so as part of the performances. Try starting with their latest single, Love Cut.

CNBLUE – Love Cut

g.o.d (Groove Overdose)
The ultimate living legends of K-pop, these guys are one of the few 1st generation groups still making music. Most of their music is slow R&B/hip hop, but this one’s fairly upbeat & cheerful, & they’re not taking themselves at all seriously.

g.o.d – Saturday Night
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