DinDin – Insomnia (feat. Lee Hong Gi of FT Island)

This is mellow pastel DinDin pining, not for the fjords, but for a girl. He’s assisted in his pining by the dulcet tones of Lee Hong Gi from FT Island, who provides a calming counterpoint to DinDin’s melancholy musings.

It’s a duet that works wonderfully well, like most of DinDin’s collaborations. Hong Gi’s velvet voice is almost soporific, an antidote to the Insomnia of the title, interrupted by the jagged sleeplessness of DinDin’s lonely heartbreak. Once again, DinDin has written a song ideally matched to his co-conspirator, and once again has tailored the production to the song and his collaborator.

Although it doesn’t shine as brilliantly as Breathe (his collaboration with Sandeul), or cut as deeply, that’s probably because that song demands something more emotionally evocative, whereas this is more laid back and chill – where Breathe will make you cry, this will make you sigh.

Fun fact – the MV was directed by Shindong of Walala Productions, aka Shindong from Super Junior. And it fits the mood – we get DinDin watching his lost love and wondering whether she’s feeling as miserable as he is. It’s effective without being drenched in saccharine – the ex is unaware of his existence, and as there are no soppy violins (thankfully, as I have a violin allergy) to underline the message for those unable to detect nuance, it’s all managed in a very gentle and civilised fashion.

Lyrics video included below the MV, with Hangul, Romanisation, and English translation.

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