B1A4 – Lonely

Most Beautiful Songwriter On The Planet demonstrates the fine art of levitation, as the boys try not to freeze their bits off while filming outdoors in a Korean winter.

If talents were apportioned fairly, Jinyoung would just be a pretty face, but alas, that’s not the case – he also wrote and produced this song. I take some comfort from the fact that his fellow members nicknamed him Halbae (Grandpa) because they thought he danced like a grandpa and because he could be quite clumsy (examples to come, gentle readers).

This is simply one of the most beautiful funk ballads out there. It starts powerfully, with CNU’s haunting falsetto underlying Jinyoung’s repetitive cry of “Lonely lonely lonely” – we’re left in no doubt of the title or the mood.

The MV director got this exactly right – Jinyoung wrote the song because the winter brought back memories of a lost love, and the MV shows him trying desperately to hang on as these last remnants slip away. Outside, the boys are literally freezing – you can see it every time they open their mouths to sing. It’s worth noting that they’re mostly singing alone, except during the chorus  – even when there are other members around, they’re inwardly focused, or gazing off into the distance. All singers are in good form, with Sandeul giving a spectacular display of belting – because he’s often laughing and joking, and indeed leek-beating (not a euphemism), it can be easy to forget that he’s got such a rich and powerful voice. And weaving throughout the song like threads of spun glass is CNU’s falsetto, adding a keening, plaintive note around the lyrics.

The dance practice video shows a choreography that’s well matched to the music – slow and yearning, with an inward focus, this time on a prop in the form of a scarf. Props can sometimes be problematic, and I get the feeling from some of the stages that they’ve had a few wardrobe malfunctions in that area. As usual with a B1A4 dance practice video, there’s some fun before and after, which is part of their charm.

The added extra this time is a “Making Of” video – no English subtitles, I’m afraid, but you can get the gist. Lyrics video as usual in Hangul, Romanisation, and English translation.

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