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Joy In K-pop – A Monster Thread

This started with a Twitter thread about joy in music – I promised to provide some references in K-pop, then things went pear-shaped and it dropped off my radar. So now I’m starting the year anew and all that. I’ll … Continue reading

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B1A4 – Beautiful Target

But just when you think it’s all fun and games, Sandeul opens his mouth. And keeps opening it – man damn near dislocates his jaw like a snake. And from that teddy bear face with the snake jaw comes the voice of an angel. And that voice Just. Does. Not. Stop. It gives the same sort of shock as opening your laundry basket to find it full of gold bars. Continue reading

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Sandeul – Smile Box

Sandeul excels at many things, and with this song, he’s the Maestro of Mellow. If you can resist the urge to dance around your house/office/street singing “Bababa” then you’re a better person than I. Continue reading

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Onew – Nessun Dorma

Random person: K-pop singers are just pretty faces, they can’t really sing. Onew: Nessun Dorma. Me: And there’s plenty more where that came from, mate. Video with the full operatic glory after the jump.

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B1A4 – Lonely

tiful Songwriter On The Planet demonstrates the fine art of levitation, as the boys try not to freeze their bits off while filming outdoors in a Korean winter. Continue reading

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Siusin And Heechul

Siusin is bored with X-Men, and is now fascinated with K-pop. Maybe it’s the faces, maybe it’s the voices. Maybe she’s just humouring me to ensure an ongoing supply of tuna. Who knows, but it does play merry hell with … Continue reading

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Ryeowook’s Hair and Shrieking At Siwon

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Gaho, Ha Hyun-woo – Itaewon Class OST

30 seconds of this song made me watch a 19 hour TV series. That’s a pretty good ROI, don’t you think? This first song is so damn inspiring, it could make you stride out into the street to lead a … Continue reading

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Taemin – Criminal

Taemin’s back in the bondage closet, being dark, dangerous, and ever so enticing. In this MV Taemin becomes the poster boy for the B&D community, and possibly the S&M community as well. It does make you wonder what was going … Continue reading

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BIBI – Life Is A Bi***

Glorious BIBI – Ulysses would have had himself lashed to a mast to hear this voice. But then, given her predilection for singing about uncomfortable topics, he might have ended up lashing her to something afterwards. And by uncomfortable topics, … Continue reading

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